Volume 1, Issue 2
2nd Quarter, 2006

Possible Legal Rights of Cryogenically Revived Persons

Christopher Sega

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It is probable that revived persons will be treated as an heir of the deceased person. Again, the law will change if pre mortem cryogenics is permitted. Yet, as it stands, she will have rights and obligations as an heir, such as rights to property and obligations to maintain and conserve the property. If she intends to re-access the property as an heir when revived, there is a duty to conserve, maintain, and pay taxes on it during suspension.

These are just some of the possible rights and obligations of cryogenically preserved persons. Any person planning to undergo cryogenic preservation should work with their attorney to manage their assets and obligations in a way that protects them throughout suspension and revival. As the reality of this technology becomes closer, the legal implications will become clearer.


SegaA. Christopher Sega, Esq. is a partner at one of America’s top 100 law firms, Venable LLP of Maryland. As an estate and business planning attorney and former international banker, Mr. Sega's practice involves advising closely-held corporations and high net worth individuals on estate, gift and retirement planning issues.


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